Are You Washing Your Testosterone Down The Drain

(Last Updated On: November 28, 2014)

The Everyday Products That Reduce Testosterone

Did you know that every time you wash your hands you could be killing your testosterone levels??

article-1077698-005984D000000258-721_468x355Neither did we until now…..Reports coming out from Baton Rouge (LA) reveals that multiple studies are showing that two ingredients found in everyday products ranging from hand soaps to toothpastes have been found to reduce testosterone productions.

The two chemicals are Triclosan and Triclocarban.. found in many everyday products, the two products above are just the start..they are also found in sponges and chopping boards and many other everyday items.

Dr Todd Howell – the Medical Director of the Aesthetic Medicine and Anti Ageing clinics of Louisiana told us “Both chemicals affect the production of testosterone as well as thyroid function along with the endocrine system.”..when pushed on his thoughts about using hand soap including these ingredients, he told us “I am not saying to stop using antibacterial handsoap’s in general…, just look at the labels before buying and try to avoid products that contain these two chemicals”


The FDA is (we understand) investigating the safety of these two chemicals, (the investigation is likely to last until 2016) and it’s likely that in the future, companies who use these in their products will have to prove without a doubt that the benefits far outweigh the potential for health risks

Dr Howell continued “Chemicals found in these and many other everyday products can reduce testosterone and elevate estrogen levels in men, these can lead to the all too common symptoms of low testosterone that include reduced energy, lack of sex drive, depression, erectile dysfunction as well as increased body fat.”

Its thought that in the US alone, average testosterone levels in men have dropped by a staggering 33% and the thought is that these chemicals (and others – especially those used in plastic manufacture) could be partially to blame.

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