Are Testosterone Gels Safe

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2019)

The Safety Concerns Surrounding Testosterone Gels

Are Your Children At Risk Of Secondary Exposure?

Recent lawsuit have highlighted the problems first revealed by the FDA concerning the potential health risks and safety concerns surrounding prescription testosterone gel treatments.

Two particular products were highlighted in both the FDA’s report and are now also the fda-logo2subject of lawsuits, these have been filed after users suffered certain health problems including heart attacks.

These two products concerned are Testim 1% and Androgel 1%

These are both approved by the FDA, and are suitable ( under doctors guidance) for men who have been diagnosed with extreme hypogonadism…

Both products are topically applied gels that should be applied to the shoulders or upper arms… Androgel 1% is also approved for application to the abdomen.

The current instructions, tell users to cover any treated skin with clothing and to wash their hands after application to ensure that any cross contamination or second exposure is stopped at source.

The FDA reported that they are getting an ever increasing number of cases of children being exposed to testosterone each year… in many cases, users had failed to adhere to the instructions, allowing for direct contact between the users and their child.

Signs of Secondary Exposure In Children Include

  • Unusual enlargement of the sexual organs ( Penis or Clitoris)
  • Premature Growth Of Pubic Hair
  • Increase Aggression
  • Increased Self Stimulation/Masturbation
  • Advanced Bone Age

In the majority of cases, when the exposure was stopped, these side effects largely reduced, there have been cases where the enlarged sexual organs did not return back to normal and a few children also retained the advanced bone age.

androgel2012FDA Guidelines

To avoid exposure to children and or women, the FDA have released a set of guidelines that should be followed by users….

These guidelines will now be appearing on user instructions in the product packaging.

  1. Users of testosterone gels must ensure that they always wash their hands after application
  2. The area of application must be covered by clothing at all times
  3. The area of application must be washed before any personal (skin to skin) contact with another person
  4. Women and children must not touch these products
  5. Users must seek urgent medical advice if they suspect that a child or woman has been exposed to testosterone gels. –  Source Article

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