Applied Nutrition T-Strong Review

Applied Nutrition T-Strong Review

Does T-Strong By Applied Nutrition Really Work??

apizawxbu__00665.1410940382.1280.1280Sold by Walgreen’s, this well known testosterone booster promises to :

  • Maintain healthy testosterone levels while supporting good health

What’s in the Formula

T-Strong contains a proprietary blend totalling 940mg – containing undisclosed amounts of:

  • Tribulus Terrestris Extract
  • L-Arginine
  • L-Citrulline
  • Beta Sitosterol
  • Asian Ginseng
  • CoQ10


Detailed amounts of

  • Zinc 30mg
  • Copper 2mg
  • TongKat Ali 100mg

Daily Doseststrongsf

The recommended dose is 2 capsules per day – the makers suggest best taken with a meal

Consumer Feedback

Walgreens have published just one review for this product, and its quite a negative one –  the gentleman who is 51 yrs of age said that he believed that the supplement gave him acne, with no other benefits….  that was about it..

Independent feedback elsewhere is really thin on the ground..

Side Effects

Aside from the aforementioned acne problem with one user there have been no reported side effects

Where To Buy T-Strong

T-Strong can be purchased from Walgreens (who seem to be the main stockists)..  you can buy direct from their online store,  you can expect to pay $20.49 for just 12 days supply

Cash Back Guarantees

There are none

Our Verdict

Applied Nutrition are generally well known for producing some effective products, that said, T-Strong seems to be the exception to the rule…  The formula on the face of it has just one proven t-boosting ingredient in Zinc, the other ingredients are far more adept at helping to revive a sluggish sex drive.

For general testosterone boosting, its simply not going to be strong enough..  To be honest, without knowing the full ingredient amounts of all the ingredients its really difficult to say with any accuracy just how effective T-Strong could be..

From the information that we have, T-Strong is simply too weakly formulated for it to be really effective and having to buy 3 boxes just to get a months supply is going to cost more than we feel its worth.(over $60 for a months supply).

 Its certainly not worth the money..

If your sex drive is a real problem to you it could offer some minor benefits but for real results, we suggest that you look elsewhere..

You Could Try

Looking at our top rated testosterone boosters list..  we only recommend products that pass a very strict criteria..  We look for :

  • Fully disclosed Formula
  • 98% Customer Satisfaction Rating
  • Lengthy Cash Back Guarantees
  • Side Effect (Hopefully None)
  • Last but Not Least – Clinical Trials

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