Androgel Review – Is It Safe To Use

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2019)

Androgel Review – Is It Safe To Use

Popular With Doctors But Is Androgel Really That Safe?

If the name Androgel is familiar to you, it could be for one of two reasons…. (1) It is one of the most well known and prescribed drug based treatments for Low Testosterone, and (2) it is one of the products that have been named in numerous well publicised lawsuits that are currently being heard across the US.


What Is Androgel

Androgel is a topically applied testosterone gel that is often prescribed by doctors to men who have recorded very low levels of testosterone after a blood test.. It is a controlled substance that is only legally available from a doctor on prescription..

Containing Testosterone that the makers claim is the same as made naturally in your body, it is a clear, odourless gel that is quick drying… it is available in a metered dose pump as well as individual sachets for ease of application.

Androgel is usually available in 2 prescription strengths – 1% and 1.62%

Using Androgel

The gel should be applied to a clean, part of the body… the shoulders and upper arms are recommended areas, the gel should be applied daily or as directed and rubbed in to make sure that it is fully absorbed… It is suggested that you should vary the position on the body where you apply, but you should NEVER apply directly to the stomach or scrotum.

Risks With Androgel

As with any prescription topical testosterone treatments, there is a very high risk of secondary exposure, especially through skin to skin contact with your partner or children… you should always make sure that the treated area is fully covered to stop any possible transference of testosterone..

There have been cases of women experiencing increased growth of facial hair and reduced breasts after exposure, and in children the problems can be worse… There have been documented cases of young children entering puberty prematurely, demonstrating cases of increased aggression, and premature growth of facial hair,along with increased or premature genital development.

It is advisable to ensure that no contact with the treated area is made by any member of your family, in particular the young and adult females.

Women who are pregnant are at especially high risk of developing problems if exposed to testosterone treatments.

Side Effects


Androgel has been linked to increased cases of stroke and heart attack – most of these being the basis for the many lawsuits currently being processed… Other potential side effects (listed on the Androgel website) can include:

  • Enlarged Prostate
  • Increased Risk Of Prostate Cancer
  • Reduced Sperm Count
  • Swelling Of The Feet, and Ankles
  • Enlarged, painful breasts
  • Breathing issues while asleep (sleep apnea)
  • Blood Clots to the legs and lungs

Should I Use Androgel

In our opinion, something that has such a list of potential effects should be avoided at all costs… Androgel is one of many drug based testosterone treatments that are currently being investigated by the FDA for their possible risks to health and in fact life itself..

We strongly advise that you take a look at natural testosterone boosters instead… these work in different way to drug based TRT, they provide similar benefits and are unlikely to cause any adverse reactions….

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(Last Updated On: March 5, 2019)

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