Androgel Heart Attack LawSuit

(Last Updated On: March 23, 2014)

 Risks Of Androgel Revealed

 March 22nd 2014

The Legal Examiner brings us news that the prescription only testosterone boosting gel Androgel has been cited in a new lawsuit filed in Georgia this week.

The Plaintiff – Kimberley Dula claims that the manufacturers of Androgel ( Abbvie) failedandrogel in their duty to advise users of the potential risks of heart attacks.. He himself has suffered no less than three heart attacks as a result (it is claimed) of using their testosterone gel.

This claim, another in an ever growing number of lawsuits against this product, claims that the manufacturers failed to reveal crucial information regarding the possibility of strokes, heart attacks, deep vein thrombosis, embolism and even death.

Mr Dula (49) claimed that he saw his doctor and started using Androgel gel in November 2011 after seeing a TV advertisement telling men to see their doctors about prescription low testosterone treatments… these adverts list many problems, all potentially linked the reduced testosterone ( reduced energy, low sex drive and increased body fat.)

Mr Dula allege that Abbvie ( and their parent company Abbott Labs) knew about the potential risks,but failed to provide valuable information to both Doctors and their patients.

There are numerous lawsuits currently being processed agains the manufacturers of other T – boosting drugs including Testim, Axiron and Androderm.

The lawsuit continues….

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