Andro400 Testosterone Booster Review

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2019)

Andro400 Testosterone Booster Review

Just How Good Is Natural Health Concept’s Andro400?

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US based supplement manufacturers Natural Health Concepts are the guys behind a natural t-booster called Andro400.

It has just one active herbal ingredient, and promises to help its users by:

  • Boosting energy levels
  • Increasing Sex Drive
  • Cutting Belly Fat

With reducing testosterone being a factor of getting older, its effects can be quite detrimental to a mans overall health and well being.

Low testosterone is known to cause reduced energy and vitality, weaker, smaller muscles and a reduction in sex drive and performance.

Science has proven that boosting and maintaining your testosterone levels is very beneficial to both men and women.

Testosterone Boosters Have two main uses:

  • To boost muscle mass and strength
  • To restore lost muscle mass, energy, and sex drive

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Looking at Andro400 In Depth

The official Natural Health Concept website appears to very informative indeed, there is a whole wealth of information to be found. 

My main concern with this is that a large number of the facts and information provided includes many unproven claims and rather worrying statements. If I didn’t know better, I would go as far as saying that they are true scaremongers.

  • They state that Low testosterone increases the risk of heart problems and strokes in both sexes.
  •  The leading cause of death in older people is due to cardiovascular disease, this can be caused by low testosterone. 
  • They also state that women who have had a hysterectomy (which can directly lower testosterone levels) are 3 times more likely to develop these cardiovascular problems.

These may well be clinical facts, BUT they do seem to push the point and almost bend the evidence in a way to almost scare you into buying their product.

Andro400 is a natural supplement that clams it boosts testosterone, revitalising and boosting general health.

Its not aimed at bodybuilders (which is the target for most T-boosters), instead it is really aimed at men aged 30+

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The Formula In Andro400

Each daily serving (2 capsules) contains 600mg of Eurycome Longfolia.

More About Eurycoma Longifolia

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Originating from Borneo and surrounding countries, it has a well established reputation as a natural libido enhancer.

It can be found in other supplements used in sports, including energy boosters.

In recent years its use especially in the western world has declined, probably due to the fact that there are better libido boosting ingredients out there. 

Its claims surrounding its testosterone boosting properties are lacking in any clinical evidence.

Most experts recommend a daily dose of 200-300 mg per day. So I am a little concerned about the fact that Andro400 uses DOUBLE this amount. 

Although natural, it is still possible to exceed safe levels, so taking more is not necessarily always better.

How To Take Andro400

The suggested daily serving is 2 capsules, taken each morning

What Do Users Say About Andro400

These are no independent user reviews available anywhere. The only testimonials that I could find are on the official website.

As you would expect on a largely sales orientated website, these are all highly positive.

I am not saying that these testimonials are not factual or accurate, but any feedback on a manufacturers sales site has to be viewed with a certain amount of caution.

Where To Buy Andro400

If you wanted to try Andro400, you used to be able to buy from Walmart, GNC, Amazon and others, but now the makers have withdrawn their product from all outside sources and just now offer their product for sale directly.

A bottle containing a 30 day supply current costs $34.95, they do also provide some discounted offers for larger orders, along with an auto-ship program.

They do offer a 90 day cash back guarantee, however you must take and evaluate the product for 60 days (which means that you have to buy at least 2 bottles to get any refund) before returning any unused product and empty bottles.

There is also an unspecified re-stocking fee that will be deducted from any refund, and in accordance with regular practice, you will also pay the return shipping.

My Final Thoughts On Andro400

OK here goes… Eurycoma does have a reputation for boosting libido, but as a t-booster it has no real proven benefits whatsoever.

I think that if you are really struggling in the bedroom department, then it might be worth a try (although that said, there are far better products out there – take Viasil as an example)

The lack of independent user reviews is a major problem for me. 

The makers decision to withdraw their product from independent retailers who operate their own review process ( that the makers have no control over) tells me that rather than see poor feedback being published on independent sites with no way of getting rid of it, they decided to move everything in house. That way they have compete control over what is published.

Untested, Unproven and To Be Honest  – Unless Libido Is Your Main Concern, Not Worth Trying. 

I suggest that you look elsewhere. As a starting point, maybe you should check out my recommended T-boosters page? there is a product here for all ages and requirements 

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