Ageless Male

(Last Updated On: March 4, 2019)

Ageless Male Review

Does It Live Up To The Hype ?

Ageless Male is a highly advertised low testosterone boosting product sold by New Vitality..

It promises to:

  • Boost Free Testosterone Levels
  • Boost Sex Drive And Performance
  • Promote Energy Metabolism
  • Boost Muscle Health


With Low Testosterone affecting millions of men across the US and in fact worldwide, its little wonder that Ageless Male has attracted interest from countless men suffering the debilitating effects that this condition can cause.

Whats In Ageless Male

The manufacturers really let themselves down here… they talk about a clinically proven formula that provides powerful results, and they tell us that the formula includes Testofen – a form of fenugreek extract which has been shown at the correct doses to provide some testosterone boosting properties..

What we do not know as the manufacturers prefer to hide the information from their users is the amount of testofen or any other ingredient contained in the capsules…

Without this information, we have no idea of exactly what we are putting in our body and therefore just how safe and effective or not this product is…

Taking Ageless Male

There is no information on the official website regarding the daily dose, or how to take Ageless Male

Any Side Effects

There have been reports of stomach cramps and associated problems.

Users Feedback

The official website has the obligatory positive reviews, looking elsewhere, the story is completely different, most users simply state that the product does not work…

sample reviews:



Where To Buy

You can buy Ageless male direct from the manufacturers.., it is also available from other sources such as .. The recommended selling price is $42.86, but from the official website it is only available on an auto ship program, you pay just for shipping for your first bottle and then you are shipped a new order at pre set intervals..- They do NOT tell you how much it will be…..

Any Guarantees Offered?

They do offer a 30 day cash back guarantee, but this only applies to the first unopened bottle if returned within 30 days…

you will not be refunded for any shipping costs and you will also be charged an unspecified handling charge – so do not hold your breath waiting for any money to be refunded..

Our Thoughts

Ageless Male is everything we hate about these sort of products…. the lack of any real, in depth information about the formula, how to use the products and the unclear return policy all raise red flags…. We are also concerned about the autoship program, these are notoriously hard to cancel and there are well publicised stories of buyers being unable to cancel their orders and are being charged $50+ each and every month when they do not even want the product…

Avoid This One At All Costs…

We Suggest

That you check out our page on top rated low testosterone boosters… these products have been thoroughly evaluated and researched and using a strict criteria that includes:

  • Ingredient profile
  • Users reviews (good and bad)
  • Guarantees (where offered)
  • Customer Support
  • Availability and Price

(Last Updated On: March 4, 2019)

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