10 Warning Signs Of Low Testosterone

(Last Updated On: April 29, 2019)

10 Warning Signs Of Low Testosterone

Do I Have Low T? – What To Look Out For

3d-metasl-question-mark_249x281.pngIt doesn’t matter who or how old you are.. having low or reduced testosterone is no laughing matter…. With side effects that include:

  • Reduced Sex Drive and/or Performance
  • Increased Body Fat
  • Poor Muscle Tone
  • Lack Of Strength or Energy
  • An Inability To Concentrate

It’s little wonder that men diagnosed with Low Testosterone can without treatment, find that the quality of their lives can be seriously compromised.

Thats not all… Low testosterone production can also led to some other unpleasant health issues.. some potentially life threatening.. These can include Diabetes, Osteoporosis and Cardiovascular (Heart) disease.

Diagnosing Low Testosterone is quite simple, a blood test is usually sufficient… but there are plenty of other indications that could pre warn you that your testosterone levels are going down..

Here Are 10 Of The Most Common Signs Of Low Testosterone:


Reduced Or Total Lack Of Sex Drive – Testosterone is the driving force behind a man’s sex drive.. the higher the levels, the more frequently and easier he becomes aroused.. if testosterone levels reduce, the man will desire sex less often – sometimes never.

Erection Problems – Erections require good levels of nitric oxide to dilate the blood vessels in the penis to allow it to become erect, the levels of nitric oxide itself is dependant on testosterone and when levels reduce, it can have a marked effect on the quality and longevity of the erection.

Ejaculations And Orgasms – Reductions in testosterone can actually affect the quality and volume of semen being reduced.. if you appear to producing less semen when you ejaculate, low T could be the cause.

Numbness Down Below – Guys with low testosterone often tell us that they don’t get or feel the usual stimulation when the scrotum or penis is touched during foreplay… One Harvard professor likened the problem to it just “feeling wrong to them”

Young Man with His Hand on His ForeheadFeeling Tired – Guys with Low T often get really tired very quickly.. it’s not uncommon to feel tired after a busy day, but those with low Testosterone generally find that they get to the point where they feel ‘wiped out’ increasingly earlier in the day

Reduced Moods – Low testosterone has the effect of making us feeling down and depressed.. If you have always been a happy go lucky guy – one of lives ‘glass is half full’ people then low T could be the reason for your sudden downturn in moods.

Hard To Concentrate – Running hand in hand with a reduction in moods. if you find it hard to remain focussed or find it hard to concentrate at work, Low T could be the cause.

Put On Belly Fat – Increased fat, in particular on around the stomach area is also a classic sign of low testosterone.. as testosterone depletes, the female sex hormone Estrogen ( yes we all have it naturally) can increase, which can help to increase body fat levels.


Reduced Muscle Tone – If you notice that your muscles have got smaller and you feel less strong, low T could be the culprit.. even if you workout, you need good levels of testosterone to build muscle mass and if you have low T, you will find it hard to make any gains.

Shrinkage – A silly question (for most of us guys) but have you checked your testicles lately?? if they feel smaller or softer than they did, then you could be suffering with low Testosterone

Treatment Options

If you feel that you have low Testosterone, there are plenty of things that you can do to treat the problem..

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(Last Updated On: April 29, 2019)

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